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New Year's Resolution: Money Coaching Program

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Project Name

Do you...

Live in a cycle of paycheck to paycheck?

Abandon your money goals even when you're close to succeeding?

Keep starting over again & again but never get any traction?

Wish that you could figure this money stuff out already?

I get it!

I used to be experience the same things.

Growing up, no one taught me about money.  I was just somehow supposed to to know the value of a dollar, money doesn't grow on trees, & that money can burn a hole in your pocket.

As an adult, I heard that saving my money was important but how was could I save if my income was too low?  I heard that paying off debt was responsible but how could pay more than the minimum payment if there was more month than money?

I read the books about money & I listened to podcasts about money.  I learned what to do but I still struggled.  I had a career that I loved and I worked with clients that I adored.  I was doing well in many areas of my life except when it came to money. I began talking to family & friends about money & everyone around me seemed to have a love/hate relationship with money.  That's when I started to see money differently.

Is there a such thing as a money relationship? I learned there is!  So I began to explore mine.  I learned what money really means for me- what it represents to me & so much more.  I developed a deeper understanding of my money relationship as I set my goals to fully fund an emergency fund, become debt free, increase my savings account, & I learned so much about myself at each level.  One of the many things I learned about myself, & later noticed in clients when I added money coaching to my services, is we all experience self-sabotage.  It shows up in many different ways: emotional spending, not negotiating a salary when you know you're worth more money, not keeping an eye on your bank account, etc.  For me, it was impulse buying!  Especially if I had cash; remember money burning a hole in your pocket?

In exploring my relationship with money, I learned I'm a natural spender.  That's right: I'm a money coach who's a natural spender.  I had to learn to put guardrails in place to protect my goals while strengthening my money relationship.  I had to add a (responsible) splurge budget.  Giving myself permission to conservatively spend a set amount was exactly what I needed to stay on track and reach my money goals.  Of course this wasn't the only problem & solution I learned about my money relationship but self-sabotage is a problem I see over & over with new clients I work with.  Again, the way we self-sabotage is unique to each of us because of our own experiences & the solutions we need must be unique to us as well.

Now, I'm debt free, have a fully funded emergency fund, extra savings, and I'm enjoying my money in ways I had only daydreamed about.  I get to take monthly trips to NYC, attend high-end trainings to provide high-level coaching to my clients, live in a home I'm absolutely in love with,& create a life that brings me joy & peace everyday.

Here's what I want you to understand about my success: I'm not special.  I'm a natural spender remember.  So I can't afford to take my eyes off my money relationship.  As my success grows & I accomplish more goals, I continue to learn about myself & my money relationship & I absolutely enjoy it.

I've learned how to get out of my own way.  I've learned how to examine my thoughts, emotions, & beliefs about money in order to build a healthy relationship with money.

If you think you have to keep struggling with money & figure it all out on your own, you don't.  If you think you don't have what it takes to meet your money goals this time, I'm telling you right now, you do.

Once you learn to get out of your own way & move away from fear & doubt, towards clarity & certainty, you'll finally be able to enjoy the financial freedom & abundance you've always dreamed of.

I'm La'Quesha Boston but everyone calls me Q!

I have a MA in Professional Counseling & I've been specializing in relationships for over a decade.  I work with couples and individuals exclusively around relationships and money since I opened my private practice 5 years ago.

Stop Sabotaging Your Relationship with Money & Start Strengthening It!

In 6 months you will...

  • Explore your money scripts to learn what keeps you stuck

  • Identify what money represents in your life. Our unconscious beliefs drives our money decisions.

  • How you self-sabotage. Get out of your own way & finally gain some momentum.

  • Stabilize your money foundation so you can build on something solid.

  • Set yourself up for success.

  • Get answers to your money questions about savings, debt priority, spending amounts in each category, etc.

  • Set & stick to money boundaries.

  • Feel excited about your money goals & confident that you can meet them.

Yes Q, I want to Strengthen My Money Relationship!

I understand that the program includes:

  • Welcome packet

  • (1) 3.5 hour Jumpstart Intensive with Q

  • (2) 90 minute sessions per month with Q

  • Accountability texts in between sessions



Regular Rate = 1,500

New Years Resolution Discount only available through January 31


Discounted Rate: 997

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