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Who Do You Work With?

I only work with couples. Whether you two are talking about moving in together, thinking about getting engaged, or are already married, I can help you address any concerns you have. I also work with entrepreneurial couples who have a business together or one works for the other.

Unfortunately, if you are in a committed relationship but want to do individual therapy to talk through any relationship issues, we cannot work together without your partner or spouse attending sessions as well.

What kind of issues do you help couples with?

Some common issues couples come to me for: lack of trust, miscommunication, arguments, infidelity, overspending, prenup disagreements, blended family issues, couples considering break up or divorce; & so much more. 

When Will We Meet?

You have two options.

Biweekly Sessions: We can meet every two weeks for 90 minute sessions. This is a great option for couples who want to take their time & spend time working through several issues.

Intensives: We'll have one session that lasts 4.5 hours & we'll schedule one follow up session 4 weeks later that lasts 50 minutes. This is a wonderful option for couples who are busy, don't want to commit to reoccurring sessions due to childcare, or who only have one major issue to work through.

Where Will Our Sessions Be?

My Approach

The benefit of working with me? Peace of mind in your relationship & with your finances.​

Whether you're new to the counseling process or you have experience with it, chances are, you'll find that many therapists do not discuss money with you. Couples argue about money, some struggle with setting financial boundaries with loved ones & friends, & even deciding on whether to move in together can all be stressful conversations

I believe openly talking about financial struggles as well as relationship struggles, helps clients gain confidence in every area of their life.

Relationships & money, for many people, are touchy & complicated topics.  I'll help you find patterns & blindspots that you may not be aware of.  As you work with me, you'll gain more clarity & a solid understanding of yourself, your relationship, & your finances.

Why do you only work with  Couples?
My Approach
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