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Do you take insurance?

Two very important things here:

1. I am an out-of-network provider but I can give you a receipt for your session called a Superbill. You pay for the session, I give you a superbill, & you submit it to your insurance for reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement is dependent on your insurance plan.

2. Most require a mental diagnosis & whether or not your insurance requires one is something that needs to be discussed individually. Couples counseling can be covered with insurance but again, a mental diagnosis from either or both parties might be required. Book a Consultation and let's talk it through.

How long do you typically work with clients?

All sessions are 50 minutes long.

The total length of my time with a client to reach their goals is usually under 16 weeks. This doesn't mean you have to stop right at 16 weeks. You can choose to continue working together or if we think you've hit all your goals long before 16 weeks, great!

What do I get out of our time together?

Ultimately, peace of mind & clarity in order to plan better for the next step in your journey. During our work together, you'll gain confidence, rediscover your sense of creativity (we were all creative once upon a time), a deeper interest in yourself and your partner/spouse, resiliency, compassion, and connectedness.

How do I know? Read the testimonials below.



"Q has been outstanding. She helped me through some of the toughest if not the toughest moment of my life. I sometimes wonder where I'd be without the guidance and leadership from Q. As much as she helps with different tools and responses to my thoughts she always reminds me that I myself am taking those steps towards a healthier mindset. She makes sure to let me know that I am making the effort to better myself. She allows me to celebrate and acknowledge the growth since we started our sessions. She's just a great person and truly cares about her work. I highly recommend!"

"Q has truly been helpful during my lowest moments. She has helped me explore and evaluate the ideas and thoughts that have become a reoccurrence in my mind. She listens, she guides, and has great input on whatever it is you are talking about. I highly recommend her!"

"I sought you out because my friend is a client of yours and I've seen a completely different side of her and I said 'I want some of that!'"

"I didn't think we could get through this. This was our last ditch effort and I am sooo glad we gave us one more chance. Thank you."

My Approach
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