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Areas of Expertise

Couples Therapy

What relationship/marital issues do I address?

Lack of self-esteem, trust issues from current & past relationships, unhealthy patterns of break up to make up, constant arguing, ineffective communication styles, long unresolved issues, & couples who struggle with how to talk through tough conversations.


Specifically for those who want to get directly to the root of the issue & spend more time tackling their issues & working towards their goals in a shorter amount of time.  Intensives are done for 3hrs on a Saturday afternoon at a higher fee than traditional sessions.
*Please note, my intensives are not for clients who struggle with the following:
- Major issues with drugs/alcohol
-(untreated) Post-traumatic stress syndrome
-History of physical violence
-Major psychiatric illness (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar)
-Active suicidality or any other matter of danger to self/danger to others

Financial Well-being Coaching

When it comes to money, I'm sure you know what to do but you may struggle with how to do it & where to start.  That's where I come in.  In the first 90 minutes, you will have a solid & customized game plan to give you a stronger foundation to build on & know how your money impacts every area of your life.

After that, you can choose between the 90 day Program or the 6 month Program to continue mastering your money habits.

My Approach

The benefit of working with me? Peace of mind in your relationship & with your finances.​

Whether you're new to the counseling process or you have experience with it, chances are, you'll find that many therapists do not discuss money with you. Money & personal growth, many times, go hand in hand. In addition to what you're going to therapy about, money tends to be a source of stress in relationships. Couples argue about money, individuals struggle with setting financial boundaries with loved ones, & even deciding how much you want to spend on therapy to prioritize yourself are all areas many clients do not discuss with their therapists.
I believe openly talking about financial struggles as well as relationship struggles, helps clients gain confidence in every area of their life.

Relationships & money, for many people, are touchy & complicated topics.  I'll help you find patterns & blindspots that you may not be aware of.  With a plan & solution in place, you'll be able to navigate tough conversations & many other areas in your life, not just the one you're coming to therapy for.  As you work with me, you'll gain more clarity & a solid understanding of yourself, your relationship, & your finances.

My Approach
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