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Areas of Expertise

Couples Therapy

What relationship/marital issues do I address?

Everything relationship & money related: lack of trust, miscommunication, arguments, financial trauma, financial infidelity, overspending, & much, much more.  I also work with entrepreneurial couples who have a business together or one works for the other. 


Whether you're dating, engaged, or already married, I can help you overcome any unresolved issues you've been struggling with.


Did you know that you don't have to do weekly or even biweekly sessions?

Intensives allows us to do months worth of work in hours!  Intensives are done for 4hrs on a Saturday morning or afternoon, saving you both time & money.  This has been a great option for my busy entrepreneurial clients.

When you schedule your consultation, check the box for this option.

Financial Well-being Coaching

When it comes to money, I'm sure you know what to do but you may struggle with how to do it & where to start.  That's where I come in.  In the first 90 minutes, you will have a solid & tailored game plan to give you a stronger foundation to build on.  You'll leave the session knowing what your next steps are on your money journey. Need help figuring out next steps in your business?  No problem, I can help with that too.

My Approach

The benefit of working with me? Peace of mind in your relationship & with your finances.​

Whether you're new to the counseling process or you have experience with it, chances are, you'll find that many therapists do not discuss money with you. Money & personal growth, many times, go hand in hand. In addition to what you're going to therapy about, money tends to be a source of stress in relationships. Couples argue about money, individuals struggle with setting financial boundaries with loved ones, & even deciding how much you want to spend on therapy to prioritize yourself are all areas many clients do not discuss with their therapists.
I believe openly talking about financial struggles as well as relationship struggles, helps clients gain confidence in every area of their life.

Relationships & money, for many people, are touchy & complicated topics.  I'll help you find patterns & blindspots that you may not be aware of.  As you work with me, you'll gain more clarity & a solid understanding of yourself, your relationship, & your finances.

My Approach
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